Residential Services

Centrally Located Equipment

Many people enjoy having Audio/Video equipment in a room, but few enjoy looking at it. HD Innovations can run the proper wires and place equipment where you want it – whether it’s in a closet or in another room. Don’t worry, your remotes will still work and you will still have access to your equipment, you just won’t have to look at it.

Home Automation

A lot of today’s newest technology was created with the idea of making homes “smart.” This technology allows homeowners to automate a number of home tasks with electronics. It is possible to control Audio/Video, Lighting, Security, and HVAC electronically along with many other devices.

home automation

Home Theater

With experience in the field of contracting, HD Innovations can design and build a home theater even from an unfinished room. All your contracting and audio/video needs can be completed through one company, which can greatly lower cost and problems due to subcontracting. We also design and finish themed media rooms and upholster walls.

home theater

Multi-Room Audio

We can wire multiple rooms in your home with speakers and control keypads or using the room remote to choose different audio sources. Speakers can be wired to play AM/FM radio, cable, and XM satellite radio.

multi-room audio